How coffee (probably) saved my life.

I've always been a coffee drinker, as long as I can remember, I've never really liked tea. I'd drink tea if offered but would much rather have a cup of coffee, but when I was younger, in the 80s and 90s coffee didn't mean a flavourful espresso with a crema, a latte or cappuccino but meant a cup of instant from a jar that had sat on the shelf for years, it wasn't the coffee we know now, that is a revelation.

I drink black coffee, several cups a day, either double espresso or a three shot americano without sugar, I am a hardcore coffee drinker, no milk, no froth or sugar just my tastebuds and deep flavours, that said a latte or cappuccino can be extremely comforting on a cold winter's day they really are a hug in a mug


But this post is about how coffee (probably) saved by life.

I am 44 years old, and until around 18 months ago I weighed over 300lbs, I was morbidly obese a mix of diet lack of exercise and around 3 litres of fizzy pop a day. Yep, that's right 3 litres of full sugar fizzy pop a day in terms of sugar that's a total of 310g of sugar per day, just in fizzy pop.

18 months later I've lost 115lbs and now drink.a grand total of ZERO fizzy pop a day, what have I replaced it with? a mix of water, squash and coffee. Black coffee has been the fuel that's allowed me to stop drinking the fizzy pop I used to got through so much of, the reason.. flavour, I discovered my passion for rich, complex deep flavours contained in coffee and that really helped me to change from drinking sugar laden drinks, or even swap them for drinks with artificial sweeteners.

I bet when you started reading this blog you probably thought I was going to write about how I'd fallen off of a ledge onto a sack of beans or how a coffee grinder had stopped me getting hit by lightening, but this story is far less dramatic but no less life saving. Not only has it saved my life coffee is now a huge part of my life, this year I opened The Monthly Coffee Club, bringing great coffee to it's members allowing me to share my passion for good coffee.


As a man in his 40s with a BMI of over 40 and my weight over 300lbs I was in a holding pattern for really bad stuff. I was at increased risk of a stroke, heart attack or most likely of all type-2 diabetes, through losing  this weight and exercising I've drastically reduced by chances of getting them, I've dodged a bullet, so whilst it's not very dramatic my rediscovered love of good coffee HAS actually saved by life (probably).

As with all good things, it's important to enjou coffee in moderation, but I am in no doubt that changing to black coffee was a real vehicle for my weight loss and has helped save, or at the very least changed my life.