Ground Coffee



 Roaster's Choice option is perfect for those looking to discover new and interesting flavours of coffee. Our in house team pick a Roaster's Choice each month and when you select this option you'll be sent this month's selection. Don't worry about being able to get the same coffee for your next order as we'll let you know what we choose for you when it arrives.


If you are a coffee drinker that likes a medium, well rounded drink, this is the choice for you. Being our most popular blend, this coffee never fails to impress and ensnare peoples? senses. With a mixture of single origins and flavours, you cannot go wrong!


A true coffee inspired by Italy and its? refined flavours. You will experience a delicately blended identity which gives the consumer a smooth and crisp taste with flavours of citrus and spices.


This well-balanced coffee has been lovingly created to produce a dark roasted blend that includes a variety of different single origins. This gives the consumer a fruity lingering aftertaste and aroma. This is an ideal beverage for the early riser who wants to get the most out of the day with a fruity awakening.


An amazing full bodied coffee from Colombia, decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Processing method. Roasted a little darker to even out the flavours of this lovely coffee for all to enjoy. Retains a good body and rounded finishing notes unlike many other decafs. This coffee works really well as both espresso and as a fresh filter coffee.


It has been carefully blended and dark roasted, which delivers subtle notes of sweet treacle, redwood and bourbon giving the consumer a sweet, heavy bodied and rich taste. With a variety of 100% Fairtrade single origins coming together from Peru, Nicaragua, Brazil and Colombia, these all contribute to make an ethical and unique tasting coffee.


A well balanced coffee with notes of Dark Cocoa, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Fudge. Rounded acidity and a depth of body. This coffee works really well with small volumes of milk such as a flat white. It is also at home as a rugged black filter coffee.


A gorgeous blend of some truly wonderful socially linked coffee projects. With deep crisp notes of Dark Berry, Roasted Hazelnut and Chocolate, this has an exotic taste profile which works incredibly well as an espresso, and can be enjoyed as a filter if you use a little less coffee than usual, try it as a cool filter or a cold brew!


A beautifully light roasted coffee from Central and South America with notes of Caramel, Cedarwood & Plum. Blended and roasted by hand by our expert coffee roasters to deliver an exciting blend for the intrepid adventurer in you.


A beautifully light to medium roast from Brazil and Ugandan origins. It has delicate flavour hints of chocolate, stoned fruit and praline which are sure to appeal to chocolate lovers who enjoy a hazelnut taste. This blend works well as a latte or macchiato so you can experience the full flavours.


An amazing coffee from one of our growing partners in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. It is a typically medium roasted Brazil which harbours amazing flavours of Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Caramel in the finish. This coffee works really well as both espresso and as a fresh filter coffee.


A soft and flavoursome coffee, calling on the combined flavours of its origins to produce a well proportioned coffee displaying chocolatey aromas and flavours in the foretaste alongside a more savoury and smoky backdrop. Finishes in a cedarwood/redbush linger. A great espresso based coffee and a super smooth filter at all temperatures.